What are the main benefits of fitting electrically controlled gates?

Security: Security is generally the main reason why people install electric gates. They restrict entry and give home owners the peace of mind of knowing that they control who comes onto their property. An electronically controlled closed gate is a real deterrent from would-be thieves.

Safety: Modern electric gates are provided with an array of safety features such as automatic locks, force control, photo cells, induction loops and auto reverse in the case of an obstruction. We will be very happy to discuss these safety features and explain how they will make your home not only more secure but safe for the users as well.

Privacy: Solid gates give privacy from prying eyes while all electric gates prevent the curious from wandering up your drive. Visitors will use an intercom system between your gates and your home allowing you to control who enters your property.

Convenience: Having gates which are not electrified can be a real nuisance. You have to get into and out of your car to open and close them – which is exactly why you see many houses with gates left open. It is a chore to open and close them, electric gates do it automatically from the comfort of your car or your home and you have the real comfort of knowing that the gates are fully locked whenever they are closed.

Investment: Many insurers will reduce the cost of motor insurance if your vehicle is behind a locked gate on your drive. Vehicles and other property parked behind locked gates are less likely to vandalised or broken into. Electric gates are a desirable asset and can have a very positive effect on the appeal and value of your property

Safety: All home owners and parents are concerned about their children’s and pets’ safety. Electric gates give you the assurance that they will not wander out on to the road. Furthermore in rural areas gates can help guard against wildlife coming onto their land.

Some other frequently asked questions…

Should I install wooden or metal gates?
In most cases this is personal preference. Wooden gates will often offer greater privacy but they can be more expensive to install and being a natural material they will need more maintenance over time. Metal gates are less expensive to install and maintain, lighter, and there are many more designs that can be used to match in with existing railings or complement the design of your property.

Do I need planning permission to install electric gates?
Almost certainly not if you already have gates in place and in many cases not at all. It is, however, your responsibility to ensure that you have the relevant permission. A quick call to your local planning officer is often all that is needed to find out where you need planning permission.

Do you do all the work yourself?
All the work is done and guaranteed by Eden Gate Automation staff. We do not subcontract out any of our work.

Do you automate existing manual gates?
This will depend upon the gates, how they have been installed and their condition as well as the condition of the gate posts and hinges. Gate automation is a skilled task and we will evaluate your existing gates, their geometry, the forces that will be needed to open and close them and advise you accordingly.

What happens if there is a power cut?
In the event of a power failure the gates systems we install all come with a manual release key which is easy to operate.

How often do I need to have my electric gates serviced?
We recommend that your gate system is serviced and checked every twelve months. Regular servicing has proven to extend the life of gate automation systems.

If you have any other questions then just email us (click here) and we will do our very best to answer them.