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Is it time you upgraded your driveway gate? Do you need an automatic gate? Here are the main reasons people decided to upgrade their gates with Eden Gate Automation.

  1. Impressive Appearance

    Impress your neighbour with a stunning gate. A gate system can improve the look and stature of your property. Like the border around a picture, gates often add that finishing touch to your home. Also an impressive gate is the first impression you offer your visitors, So why not give them the wow factor. 

  2. Security

    Security is generally the main reason why people install electric gates. They restrict entry and give home owners the peace of mind of knowing that they control who comes onto their property. An electronically controlled closed gate is a real deterrent from would-be thieves.

  3. Stay Dry

    Are you fed up of getting wet when you need to open the gate? Stay dry and open your gate remotely. Eden Gate Automation provides a wide rage of access control gates,  Allowing you to remotely open your gate from your car & house.

  4. Increase Property Value

    An automatic gate system adds value and appeal. A study by a well known London news paper concluded that an automatic gate system can add 5% to the value of a home and speed up a sale.


  5. Privacy

    Solid gates give privacy from prying eyes while all electric gates prevent the curious from wandering up your drive. Visitors will use an intercom system between your gates and your home allowing you to control who enters your property.

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